I am a PhD candidate in the department of politics at Princeton University (Fall 2016 to now). Previously, I obtained a M.A. in quantitative methods in social science from Columbia University, and a B.A. in political science from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Research Interests:

I am a quantitative methodologist, interested in text analysis and missing data imputation. Specifically, I'm working on a marginal likelihood method on LDA model selection, and honest inference on missing data.

Working Papers

Honest Inference on Missing Data

LDA model seleciton: A Marginal likelihood method

Fellowship and awards


  • Vision in Methodology, May. 2019, Georgia USA (presentation)

  • Asian Political Methodology, Jan. 2019, Kyoto Japan (poster)

  • Text as Data, Oct. 2018, Seattle USA (poster)

  • Political Methodology, July 2018, Utah USA (poster, NSF travel fund)

  • NYU CESS Experimental Political Science Conference, Feb. 2018, NYC USA (poster)


  • Preceptor, POL 574 Quantative method, Spring 2019 (ongoing)

  • This is the forth course in the politics method training sequence.

  • Preceptor, POL 573 Quantative method, Fall 2018

  • This is the third course in the politics method training sequence. The class covers a variety of topics in cutting-edge political science methodologies.

    Student evaluation

  • Preceptor, POL 245 Visualizing Data, Summer 2018

  • This is the first course in R and basic statistics for incoming freshmen in Princeton. It is one of the classes offered for Freshman Scholars Institute.

Naijia Liu



Fisher Hall 300, Princeton University,
Princeton, NJ 08540