Final Project and Poster Session (30%)

Important Dates

  • Feb 23th: Form groups (2 - 4 people).
  • April 5th: One-page write up due.             (5%)
    • 12pt font, 1.5 spaced, 1 page.
    • What is your research question?
    • Describe your data.
    • What method will you use?
  • April 12th: First draft of poster due.           (10%)
  • April 18th: Final draft of poster due.
  • April 23th: Poster session (usual lecture time).      (15%)

Poster Resource:

  • How to prepare a scientific poster?
  • A sample template: You don't have to use this one!
  • More resources on poster: If you click on "previous years", you will be able to look at lots of posters by Gov PhD students. Gov 51 final project posters should be a simplified version of those.
  • We'd like to see the following info from your poster:
    • Title and research question
    • Abstract: Tell us briefly about your design and results
    • Introduction: A bit more about your data and method of choice.
    • Results: Graphs or tables
    • Discussion: What is your conclusion? What is your assumption? What are the limitations?

Gov 51 and the Data Science Track

Gov 51 counts towards course requirements for the data science track at Harvard. Moreoever, there are more exciting events and lectures by IQSS at Harvard.